We want to hang at your place!

Call us or write us:

Jana Ada Kubíčková (production manager), tel.: +420 776 203 313

Pavla Rožníčková (production manager), tel.: +420 606 512 112

Katka Klusáková (technician), tel: +420 777 050 549

For Organizers

Ask us about the requirements for our shows by e-mail or telephone.

We need a fairly high ceiling (6 to 8 meters) and a certain number of suspension points with a sufficient safe load limit specific to each show.
OR We own a self standing frame rig designed for aerial acrobatic, so we can hang almost everywhere.

“The ceiling is 6 meters high as we’ve said, it’s just the stage underneath it is elevated by 2 meters.”
…this is a clever argument but not so clever when presented two hours before a planned show.

“That’ll carry you alright, you’re such skinny gals.”
…thank you for the compliment but in the shows, we do drops head first.

“We’ll hang it for you.”
…we appreciate a true gentleman but we prefer to bear the responsibility for our health ourselves.

Thank you for understanding and helping us stay safe.
We love you, love us, too.
Te and Ty