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1) Theater

Shows Biting The Dust (Performance Archives)

… this is what we like best and the reason we’re doing this in the first place.

Goose necks

(+ Goose necks trailer version – the best of Goose necks)

…Contemporary circus meets physical theater…

nabizime_divadlaI like how you never let go of me. I don’t like that you’re always late. I like that we have the same taste in car music. I hate your tissues being all over the place; the way you clean up. You cook with beetroot. You know what to say to make me let go. You tell me what’s going on and what to think. You’re always organizing everything. You always do the rigging. I’m here. Me too. We are women past 30. We are what we are. But what are we like?

Goose Necks is an intimate confession of two women past 30. Contemporary circus and physical theater techniques are used to elevate their experiences and memories onto a more general plane. Through theater, the two women discover their mutual relationship and explore concrete situations to reveal archetypal principles. They touch on the subjects of female friendship, appearance and conduct in the society, love relationships, work intensity and maternity. The much promoted individuality and sometimes also rivalry result in all of us being pretty much the same despite our heads being different shapes.

Cirkus TeTy is a contemporary circus company which focuses on aerial acrobatics, mostly on the double cloud but this time also on ropes of other shapes. Cirkus TeTy cooperated on Goose Necks with mime, performer, director, teacher and choreographer Radim Vizváry who helped them fuse contemporary circus and physical theater.

Featuring: Katka Klusáková vs. Pavla Rožníčková
Director and supervisor: Radim Vizváry (www.radimvizvary.com)
Music: Matouš Hejl
Light Design: Karlos Šimek
Heads: Jan Kreml
Production manager: Jana Ada Kubíčková
Promotional Graphics: Táňa Niklová Kynclová

  • Length: 45 minutes (trailer 12 minutes)
  • Ceiling Height: at least 5.5 meters
  • Number of Suspension Points: 2 (1 Cloud + 1 rope) + 1 (1 rope in front)

The performance was created in the residency program of CIRQUEON – A Center For Contemporary Circus and with the support of the State Culture Fund of the Czech Republic, the Prague City Hall and Život Umělce foundation.


(+ Bedřich trailer version – the best of Bedřich)

nabizime_divadla…right now, we are in love with Bedřich. Both of us. Which kinda sucks. Come see for yourselves what it leads to. Come to our house and see how Mrs. lives with Mrs.. We have a mobile mirror, hanging ropes and a telephone. Do you think he’ll call?

Fighters Over Bedřich’s Love: Katka Klusáková vs. Pavla Rožníčková
Choreography Advisor: Marie Bayerová
Music: Basta Fidel and Fidel Castro
Stage And Costume Design: Kateřina Loukotová, Táňa Niklová Kynclová
Promotional Graphics: Táňa Niklová Kynclová

  • Length: 40 minutes (trailer 15 minutes)
  • Ceiling Height: at least 6 meters
  • Number of Suspension Points: 4 (2 Cloud Swings, 1 m – 2 (1.5)m – 1m)

Tety v Zápletu (Mrs.’s Entangled)

Two Mrs.’s who enjoy knitting meet and start daydreaming…
A short story for two Mrs.’s, red silks and contemporary circus in the form of partner aerial acrobatics.

Knitters: Katka Klusáková and Pavla Rožníčková
Stage And Costume Design: Kateřina Loukotová

  • Length: 11 minutes
  • Ceiling Height: 6 meters
  • Number of Suspension Points: 1 (one silk)

2) Acrobatic Sisters Variations

… we know how to be beautiful, too.

akrobatická vystoupení

Purely acrobatic or request-theme-based performances suitable for celebrations, parties, corporate and private events for both adults and small people commonly referred to as children, also great for street festivals and parades and actually any event you want to see us at. Best served in the air, on the silk, the trapeze or the double cloud swing. If there are no suitable suspension points at your venue, we can bring our own portable rig.

3) Workshops And Courses

Workshopy a kurzy

…we’re be happy to hang you.

We teach both adults and children in both one-time workshops (Letní Letňák summer circus camp, Krušnohor children’s camp, Holmes Place Academy, etc.) and regular courses (Klub Mlejn, Cirqueon, Lycée Francais de Prague). If you or your children want to hang a bit or just do some tricks on the ground or juggle, we’ll be happy to come to you. We’ll start with a wholesome warm-up to ease your bodily suffering, show you tricks suitable for your skill level and then stretch your bones, so that you aren’t (too) sore the next day.

4) Rig For Rent

…we have a place to hang (from), do you?

We own a beautiful rig designed for aerial acrobatics. You can hang one silk, two silks, a double cloud swing, a static trapeze or even a swinging trapeze on it.

The top bar is 3.6 meters long and it can be 5.4 or 6.4 meters high. On the ground, the plan of the rig is 6.7 meters side to side and 5.5 meters front to back.

We also have mats to go with it in case you’re afraid. We bring it and set it up where you need and then pack it up and haul it away.

It’s not gonna be traveling without us, though.